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meet the maker


My name is Shea Vollstedt.

I am a man of faith, proud husband, and furniture maker located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

My knack for creating and making began as a child doing projects with my father, and I’m glad to say that working in the wood business stuck. My father, who was a lumber importer, gave me an early love for being around the mill. I found the whole process fascinating, and enjoyed even more so that I got to be a part of it. While having lost him at a young age, I couldn’t be more thankful to carry-on a legacy that he imparted to me.

Despite hardships, I found something quite refining about the trials faced in life, and having come out on the other end there is something special about devoting time towards being intentional, whether with people or at my bench. I aspire for my work to speak into who I am as a maker, and for each piece to tell a story to those who own it. That is why each from start to finish, my work is hand-crafted and uniquely created.

My personal pursuit as a woodworker had rather modest beginnings, namely when I decided to restore some old Stanley Bailey hand-planes that once belonged to grandfather. After several years of my own practice, I chose to seek an apprenticeship under Gary Rogowski of the Northwest Woodworking Studio, located here in Portland, OR. During my intensive nine month journey as a Resident Mastery Student I amassed the knowledge, techniques, and resources necessary to create furniture of the highest quality. While I am still working with Gary, serving as an instructor at the Studio, I now also operate out of a one-man studio that is Vollstedt Furniture and Design.